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A global leader in motion products, control systems and flexible interconnects.

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Wang Seng Liang in 1959 with the simple purpose to help make people’s lives better, Johnson Electric has since grown from a small Hong Kong business to a multinational company with over 35,000 employees in 4 continents. Today, Johnson Electric is a global leader in motion products, control systems and flexible interconnects. It is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Making our customers successful with motion solutions that deliver more comfortable, safer and healthier products for end users

Johnson Electric is one of the world’s largest providers of motors, solenoids, micro-switches, flexible printed circuits and micro electronics. With an annual production capacity of over one billion units, we deliver products and services to the most exacting standards of performance, quality and reliability. Our innovative technologies enable our customers to succeed in their markets through delivering more comfortable, safer and healthier products for end users.

Tigar History

Tigar is a traditional tyre brand from a traditional European tyre plant. The factory was founded in 1935; hence, it operates with more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing rubber products. The tyre production in the factory has started in 1959.


Tigar tyres are produced in a European tyre factory belonging to one of the worldwide leading tyre manufacturers.The passenger tyre factory has passed the quality monitoring system and has been certified by independent auditors:

  • Compliance with UNECE* Regulations

A reliable agile development, testing and automation

We have distinctive passion for software engineering, integration, automated QA, data management and security. We are shortening time to market, lowering upgrade and maintenance costs for our clients.

In ASCALab, everything starts with client’s needs.

We allow startups, mid-sized and enterprise-grade businesses to achieve their goals with the help of custom software solutions from simple customizations to full-cycle software development. We help client identifying the issues and do our best to advise the most appropriate solutions by focusing exclusively on adding value to our clients.